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Cairo Tours | Best Things to Do in Cairo, Giza Egypt 2022

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Cairo is the mother of the world and he who has not been in Cairo has not seen the world. Cairo is actually the largest city in the African continent and in the Middle East and the fifteenth largest city in the world.
The city was founded in 969 A.D by Gohar El Seqully, the founder of the Fatimid dynasty. Then the city became one of the richest cities in the new Muslim world order. The city continued the capital of Egypt during the Ayyubid dynasty, the Mamelukes dynasty, Ottoman Empire until the French occupation under Napoleon’s troops.
The modernization of the city and Egypt started under Mohamed Ali (c. 1769–1849), often called the “The builder of modern Egypt” who ruled the country beginning in 1805, modernizing and strengthening it, and expanding its borders. Modernization of Cairo began in 1830, but the period of greatest progress occurred during the reign of Ismail Pasha (r. 1863-79).

Cairo is not only a historical city with historical ancient places but it has a modern life and interesting places to see and many things to do. if you are a romantic person and you love romance, you can have a walk along the River Nile, especially at night. Explore the Cairo Tower and watch the capital city from the top. Spend a night in Cairo opera house or have a romantic dinner in one of the Dinner Nile Cruises in the Nile with the folkloric dance show.

If you love shopping, Cairo is the shopper’s paradise, you must visit Khan EL Khalili bazaar but do not forget to smoke Shisha or water pipe or have coffee or Egyptian tea in the most ancient coffee in the area.
In Cairo, if you like Christian history, you can visit old Cairo or Masr El Kadima where you can smell the history of the holly family in the church of Saint Sergius or Abu Serga.
If you like history and monuments you can visit the Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx in Giza, Step Pyramid in Sakkara, Memphis, and Dahshour Pyramids like the Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid.
If you like Islamic history and monuments, you can visit Al –Azhar mosque or the Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali.
In general, we can say that Cairo hosts a unique collection of monuments that attest to the shared cultural heritage of ancient Egyptians, Christians, Jews, and Muslims.

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